Amber Rose Parents

Amber Rose Parents -The Inspiration Behind Her Acting Career

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Amber Rose’s parents are Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck. They have always stayed away from the public and media attention.

Compared to their daughter’s high-profile life, the couple keeps a low profile.

Rose has gained immense popularity through her acting career.

She continues her career as a model, actress, rapper and activist.

Amber Rose’s parents welcomed her on October 21, 1983, in Philadelphia, USA.

Rose has always attracted people’s attention due to her many controversies.

It would not be wrong to say that she is a regular part of media highlights.

However, she is a loving mother of two children. She has maintained a strong and affectionate bond with her children since their birth.

She has not publicly shared many details about her parents’ personal or professional lives.

Amber Rose’s parents divorced when she was too young.

After his divorce from Dorothy, Michael remarried and gave birth to Amber’s half-siblings Rose, but there is no information about Rose’s relationship with her siblings.

In relation to her father, Amber Rose expressed her love and admiration for her mother by tattooing a young portrait of Dorothy on her arm.

A few years ago, Dorothy and Michael made a public appearance while attending their daughter’s annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles.

Are Amber and her mother not on good terms?

In 2021, Amber and her mother Dorothy experienced a decline in their relationship when Amber broke up with Alexender Edwards and publicly accused him of infidelity.

She previously used Instagram Stories to express her displeasure with her mother.

She portrayed her as a person who loves herself.

On her Instagram Story, Amber shared that “she was exhausted from the constant mental and emotional abuse from the people she loved.”

Amber Rose expressed her frustration and said she had been suffering in silence for a long time and had reached her breaking point.

She firmly maintained that she refused to allow anyone, family or otherwise, to harm her again.

Since then, Amber Rose has not publicly mentioned her mother or announced any attempts at reconciliation.

Their current relationship status (as of mid-2023) is not yet known.

Is Amber a mother of two children?

Amber Rose is the mother of two adorable children whom she shares with Wiz Khalifa.

The couple married on July 8, 2013. They have been seen together since 2011, and the engagement ceremony took place on March 1, 2012.

The couple then welcomed their firstborn, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, in 2013.

Unfortunately, over time, they began to have problems in their marriage, which is why Amber Rose filed for divorce on September 22, 2014.

Amber fought for custody of her son during the divorce proceedings.

Before her marriage to Wiz Khalifa, she dated Kanye West for two years starting in 2008.

After divorcing her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, she only dated Machine Gun Kelly for two months.

She then entered into a serious relationship with Alexander Edwards, an executive at Def Jam Recordings.

Together they welcomed their son, Amber’s second child, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, in 2019.

Amber once shared an adorable photo of her parents on Instagram in which Amber Rose’s parents, Dorothy and Michael, were tenderly holding the newborn in their arms, but she later deleted this photo from her Instagram account.

Amber Rose & Joseline get physical in an argument

Amber Rose and Joseline got into a physical altercation during an episode of BET’s “College Hills.”

In the viral video, it looks like they are about to physically attack after a heated conversation.

The argument began when Amber was annoyed by Joseline’s comment about “white people” and felt challenged by the statement.

In response, Joseline quickly apologized and said: “I didn’t mean to target her. » However, despite the apology, the conversation took a turn for the worse when Joseline said, “Your problem is actually that you want to be a white girl!” Your problem is that you don’t want to be black!

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