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Becky Stanley: Marriage, Life, Net Worth & Relationship

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What Becky Stanley Brodersen thinks of her father, Dr. What Charles Stanley admires most is his humility and love for God. Her father is a source of inspiration for her.

But more importantly, what did her father do for her? Why does Becky admire him? Let’s find out…

Who is Dr. Charles Stanley?

Dr. Charles Stanley is a renowned pastor emeritus of the First Baptist Church of Georgia. He also served as senior pastor of First Baptist Church for more than five decades.

He is a pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, and is also a televangelist, theologian, and author. Stanley is also the founder and director of In Touch Ministries, a television channel that broadcasts his writings and sermons.

Charles was also president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Charles is currently single. He was married to Anna Johnson Stanley from 1958 until their divorce in 2000.

Children of Charles and Anna Stanley

She has two children with Becky Stanley and Andy Stanley. Becky Stanley Brodersen is the only daughter of Anna and Charles Stanley and the youngest of their two children. Although her father was a well-known preacher, her late mother Anna was also a Bible teacher and singer.

Andy Stanley, Becky’s older brother, continued his father’s path and became a pastor, as his father had always dreamed of. He founded North Point Ministries, a nondenominational evangelical church based in Atlanta.

What does Dr. Charles Stanley’s daughter think?

Dr.’s daughter has been working since November 2017. Charles Stanley, Becky Stanley Brodersen, as sales representatives of the real estate agency Allie Beth Allman & Associates.

Becky has also worked at various companies as a customer service representative, strategy manager and planner.

Becky also enjoys attending and helping out at church services. She has been interested in charity since childhood as her father was a religious preacher.

Her memoirs for her late mother, Anna Stanley

Becky, the couple’s granddaughter, wrote a short memoir about her mother, who was probably their second favorite parent. “Anna’s gracious hospitality, her flair for including those others might overlook, and her uncompromising enthusiasm for sharing Christ with anyone who will listen,” she wrote.

Anna Stanley was very friendly and enjoyed inviting people to dinner. She organized many dinners where controversial topics such as politics and religion were discussed.

Even though her knowledge of the Bible was equal to her husband’s and her ability to memorize was unmatched, she still managed to find the most incredible Bible passage to support all of her claims.

How Becky’s father is her greatest comfort

Becky Stanley has a close relationship with her father, Charles Stanley. When she was young, she also learned to pray and trust God from Charles Stanley, her father. When Becky was a child, she spent most of her childhood with her parents and other relatives.

Becky spoke about her background and her father’s influence on her and her children’s lives in a 2013 interview with The Christian Post. Becky said she and her father were always close and because he was her best friend.

The Stanleys also went camping regularly. She also vividly remembers weekends when her family would cook burgers in the backyard and watch family movies.

Becky also shared how her father taught her respect for God and core Christian beliefs. Despite his fame, Becky described her father as a down-to-earth man with a deep devotion to God.

Additionally, Becky praised her father for the way he treated his children. Charles admits that he gets along well with his grandchildren. He also passes on his knowledge, beliefs and ideals to his grandchildren.

Becky Stanley’s children have a close bond with their grandfather, Charles Stanley, whom they call Plaster. Charles insisted on being called “Grandpa,” but Becky’s eldest son Jon couldn’t do that. He recognized Plaster for the first time and it stayed that way.

As Becky’s children grew, their father, Charles, was a great advisor and supporter to them. Charles also loves all of his grandchildren.

She still calls him and continues to contact him about various parenting issues, he quietly watches her and prays with her on the phone several times.

As a child, Becky Stanley learned to set goals and achieve them with God’s help.

She revealed that she always carried a stack of cards with Bible verses and wishes written on them. In other words, she is dedicated to self-improvement.

Becky Stanley Net Worth

Becky Stanley Brodersen earns money from her job as a real estate agent. Stanley has earned a significant income from his career and most likely lives a luxurious life with his family.

Unfortunately, the details of his net worth and professional income are currently still under wraps. Therefore, his net worth in 2021 is unknown.

Is Becky Stanley married?

Becky Stanley is not single, she is married. With her father’s support, she married her true love, John Broderson, in a small wedding ceremony. Dr. Charles Stanley walked her down the aisle and then performed the ceremony for his daughter.

Furthermore, she and her husband John Brodersen are very much in love and have been married for over twenty years. The couple began their relationship in Atlanta and eventually moved to the West Coast.

After being married for a few years, the couple decided to settle in Dallas, Texas. During their twenty-year partnership, the couple had three children.

Jonathan Brodersen Jr., the oldest child, is now 30 years old. The youngest son, Matthew Brodersen, is only 27 years old and their second daughter, Annie Brodersen, is finally 29 years old.

Becky Stanley mourns the loss of her father, Dr. Charles Stanley

Becky Stanley’s father, Dr. Charles Stanley, is no longer here. He departed this world on April 18, 2023, confirmed by his organization, In Touch Ministries.

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