Charlie McCoy Oyekwe

Charlie McCoy Oyekwe, The Master Barber, Author, CEO, and Mental Health Crusader in Manhattan

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In the past, mental health care has been neglected or pushed aside by society due to negative stigma, but active advocates like Charlie McCoy Oyekwe are working to change this. The experience of growing up in a tough neighborhood can have a profound impact on someone.

Living in an urban environment can be too difficult for many children due to violence and poverty, and the same situation occurred with Charlie McCoy.

As a child growing up in Chisolm Creek, an area north of Oklahoma City, in the 1990s, he was exposed to gang violence, drugs, death, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and philanthropist Charlie McCoy Oyekwe rose to fame after overcoming several challenges and now helps others facing similar challenges.

Charlie McCoy Oyekwe started his career from scratch and achieved great success due to his tireless efforts and strong determination. He currently owns several six-figure companies. After battling mental health issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other issues in his personal life to achieve his goals, Charlie has become a role model and inspiration for the next generation of aspiring youth.

At the age of twenty, he began his career as a volunteer at Watchtower headquarters and continued working there for six years.

Later, after a few years, he moved into the grooming and beauty industry, where he honed his skills. He was hired by L’Oréal and Kiehl’s and was their master hairdresser from ages 27 to 33.

His entrepreneurial skills and far-sighted vision helped him get into the business, and Charlie McCoy soon reached the pinnacle of success. Considering his career and life experiences, Charlie also believes that his mental strength and spirituality have been the biggest contributors to his success.

In today’s world, Charlie McCoy is a valued advocate and one of the leading advocates for mental illness in men.

With his passion and enthusiasm for helping those suffering from PTSD, he founded The Grooming Alchemist, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the mental health, well-being, and self-care of at-risk youth and former high-control group members, or Survivor cults.

The nonprofit organizes fundraisers and also hosts free grooming sessions for high school students. He also offers mentoring and programming, reaching more than 300 high school students in District 9 in the South Bronx by cutting their hair and talking to them about their dreams for the future.

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From middle school to high school students, Charlie McCoy ensures his knowledge and experience inspire and enrich the lives of many.

Charlie McCoy takes a holistic approach to treating mental health issues and does not focus on comforting people, but rather on getting to the root of the problem. Having experienced trauma at a young age, Charlie understands that while his experiences are unique to him, they are unfortunately not unique.

In addition, Charlie’s Foundation organizes various activation events where he and other successful entrepreneurs share their stories and motivate students. The mission of these events is to ensure that children are nourished, inspired, and encouraged to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

After experiencing success as a businessman, the now successful individual is committed to helping others break free from the mental chains that keep them from reaching their full potential.

A serial entrepreneur, Charlie owns brick-and-mortar and e-commerce businesses. He not only owns and operates many Indian brands but also runs international companies.

Furthermore, in addition to being a commendable serial entrepreneur and mental health advocate, he is also the owner of Artisan Barber, one of the top-rated artisanal luxury and barber brands, and a New York-based tech-based creative agency that he has set up.

Because travel, literature, and art helped him maintain his sanity in the most difficult of times, Artisan Luxury Brands is a small initiative aimed at encouraging people to find meaning in art. This is the same company that is publishing Charlie’s next book, Shunned, due out later this year.

“We provide a holistic approach to solving the lack of focus on the root causes of being an at-risk youth,” says Charlie. “The foundation helps young men deal with complex and stressful life experiences with the justice system, foster care, and others like homelessness and food insecurity.”

Her success story has been featured in many publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, CBS, Fox, NBC, Medium, The New York Times, Haute Living, Flaunt Magazine, and New York Weekly.

He is committed to organizing eight to ten activation events, encouraging hundreds of District 9 students to pursue their dreams with intention and passion in 2022.

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