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Janno Gibbs Father, Ronaldo Valdez Passed Away At 76

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The death of Janno Gibbs’ father, Ronaldo Magalona Gibbs, has left a sad mood in the entertainment world.

Actor and singer Janno Gibbs confirmed on social media the death of his father, veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.

His versatility as an actor was well known in the Philippines, and his performances ranged from comedies to dramas.

He would also star in a film by his son, Janno, which will be released in theaters in January 2024.

Gibbs announced his father’s death on Instagram and asked for the family’s privacy during their grieving period.

Your prayers and condolences are greatly appreciated,” he added.

Many Filipino showbiz actors, including Donita Rose, Rocco Nacino, and Arnold Clavio, expressed their condolences to Janno and the Valdez family.

Valdez died at the age of 76, and news of his death spread on social media.

Quezon City police confirmed his death on Sunday.

Together with Janno, Valdez eagerly awaited the film’s release.

They had worked together, and both had made their strong bond clear in interviews.

Valdez’s Career in the Philippine Film and Television Industry

Ronaldo Valdez was a legendary and versatile actor whose career spanned almost five decades.

He is known for his rich fatherly roles and characters, as well as his various comedic and dramatic roles.

He embodied the true meaning of a great artist and took an interest in every character he played.

Among younger audiences, Valdez is known for his leading roles in television series such as Los Bastardos (2018–2019) and 2 Good 2 Be True (2022), as well as in films.

Just like The Mistress (2012), All You Need is Pag-Bigg (2015), and Seven Sundays (2017), with their versatility and acting range.

He was a household name and a constant presence on Philippine television screens.

Ronaldo Valdez’s work has been recognized in both Philippine cinema and television. He has been nominated for awards.

These include the FAMAS Award for Best Actor and Supporting Actor, the Gawad Urian Award for Best Actor, and the Star Award for Best Actor.

He also received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry.

The Father and Son duo

Janno Gibbs, one of the most popular comedians extraordinaire in the Philippines, wrote a touching post about his father on Instagram.

He expressed his great sadness after the death of his beloved father.

Until her last moments, Valdez was ready to appear on screen in her next film, directed by Janno.

Ronaldo Valdez’s cause of death

Ronaldo Valdez’s cause of death was suicide, the Quezon City Police District confirmed.

The Philippine entertainment industry and its friends and family are shocked by this revelation.

When news of his death broke, his colleagues, fans, and family expressed their condolences.

Janno Gibbs’ Family Life

Janno Gibbs is the son of veteran actor and director Bing Loyzaga and comedian Ronaldo Valdez.

Gibbs started his career in the music industry and later expanded into the entertainment and command industries.

He also served as a judge on several reality shows and appeared on numerous television shows.

Gibbs grew up in a showbiz family and was exposed to work from an early age.

He respected his father’s work and frequently praised Valdez for teaching him the values ​​of hard work and perseverance.

Despite their busy schedules, they had a close relationship and worked on multiple systems.

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