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Jennifer Aniston is desperate to walk down the aisle

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Jennifer Aniston hopes her confinement will change this year and that she will find a suitable partner, an insider close to the Hollywood star has revealed.

According to Life & Style, the Friends alum would like to get married for the third time but hasn’t found a compatible partner yet.

“Jen would like to get married,” the source told the publication, but added that she would “never lower her standards.”

They revealed that Aniston was okay with “stepping out of her comfort zone—a working-class man with a career and a dad body is out of the question.”

“And not someone ten years younger either,” the source added, saying, “Jen is hoping her dating luck changes in 2024.”

It comes after another source revealed: “Jen was single for six years and says it was hell.” She added: “She says she wouldn’t wish what she went through on her worst enemy.”

The source opened up about one of her “worst dates,” revealing, “It was with a very handsome studio manager who brought her an envelope for her dinner.”

“After a few minutes of conversation, he pulled out the script for a slasher-comedy-horror-movie-meets-novel he was working on. Not only did he write it, but he wanted to be in it, alongside Jen as the star. She was surprised,” she added.

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