Nueplex Film Festival

Three-day Nueplex Film Festival kicks off in Karachi

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KARACHI: To showcase young talents and independent filmmakers, the Nueplex Film Festival was inaugurated at Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi on Friday.

The three-day film festival will showcase 18 films from emerging filmmakers and, according to organizers, hopes to “create cinematic magic despite limited experience and resources.”

Nine films were screened on the first day of the festival: Discarded, Circus, Cardiac Arrest, Barzakh, Shikray Ka Gudda, Reverie, Ticket to Paradise, Haibat, and Sentinal Jet. The remaining nine films will be shown today.

Sharmeen Ali, director of Reverie, a contemporary surrealist film about grief, sees the festival as a great opportunity to meet talented filmmakers and directors of her age.

“I’m happy to be able to participate in this festival. The fact that they liked our film and that it was nominated and shortlisted is an honor, a first, and a great experience so far,” Sharmeen told Geo. tv when asked what his expectations were regarding the festival.

On the occasion of her film’s review by industry leaders like writer Bee Gul, actor Humayun Saeed, director Siraj ul Haq, writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah, and director Nadeem Baig, Sharmeen said it was an honor to know that “such icons” would do well to work. this, watch their movie.

About the films shown on the first day, director Siraj ul Haq noted that a wide genre of films was shown. For him, however, the highlight of the day was watching science fiction films by Pakistani directors.

“The main thing I saw was the science fiction genre because it is widely produced in the Western world. They showed two science fiction films that were very different. “This is a breakthrough among our filmmakers: we can do something in this genre on a global scale, and some of our stories can be shown there because there is a very big market for it.”.

Taha Chaudhry, who played the antagonist in the science fiction film Sentinel Jet, pointed out the lack of resources in the production of the film and in the film structure of this genre, which is not the case in Pakistan.

“For me, as an actor, the limitations were that we had to use such inauthentic makeup. I mean, when we saw it on the big screen, it looked a little strange at times. But with the resources they had—the directing team and everyone—they did a good job, despite the green screen and all the explosions and stuff,” Taha told Geo TV. He added that he chose the film because of the role he was given and because he was a fan of neo-noir films and futurism.

Perhaps the most important thing in a film is the story it tries to tell and the way it is written. The festival management must award the prize for the best screenplay.

Bee Gul, who is also a jury member, when asked about the scripts of the films shown on the first day, noted that this was the “weakest part.”

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“There are concepts that they don’t know how to translate into the scenarios. The visuals are technically good; they are not bad, but the storylines are still weak,” Gul said about the films shown on the first day.

The remaining nine films of the festival will be shown today, and an awards ceremony will take place on the third day.

In addition to the prize for Best Screenplay, the jury also chooses Best Director, Best Film, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, and Best Production Design.

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