WhatsApp to release ‘third-party chats’ feature for iOS users

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WhatsApp is introducing a chat interoperability feature in line with new EU regulations, as seen in the latest iOS beta.

This feature, called ‘Third-Party Chats’, is still in development and will be released in a future version of the app, according to NewsBytes.

The reason for this change is the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which aims to control the behavior of large IT companies, especially those considered ‘gatekeepers’ with significant influence over the digital market.

According to the DMA, companies such as WhatsApp are required to enable communication between applications.

This means that users of other messaging apps, like Signal, will soon be able to communicate with people on WhatsApp.

Due to interoperability, users of other messaging apps can still send messages to WhatsApp users without having an account.

This promotes more inclusive and diverse communication channels, which ultimately improves the user experience.

As provided in Article 7 of the DMA, users are responsible for this interoperability functionality, as they must actively enable the service and can opt-out.

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Interoperable messaging systems must also maintain end-to-end encryption, which ensures consumers have a high level of security when communicating between platforms.

This ensures that users’ privacy is not compromised while using WhatsApp’s third-party chat support.

Third-party chat support functionality for the iOS version of WhatsApp is currently in development. Although no specific release date has been given, this feature will be available in a later app update.

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