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Google rolls out AI features to organise, customise Chrome browser

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Google’s Chrome browser includes artificial intelligence (AI) features to uniquely improve the user experience by introducing features that make use of patterns instead of introducing a Bard sidebar.

These features are now available in an “experimental mode” that can be enabled in the browser settings, and Google says they are just the start of its adoption of AI browsers, The Verge reported.

Chrome’s Tab Organiser

This feature allows users to right-click on a tab and select ‘Arrange Similar Tabs’ to create a group of tabs with similar content.

This feature is especially useful when shopping, deep diving, or opening multiple tabs at once to read news. Although it takes some effort to set up, it is an underrated tool that helps you organize your browsing experience.

AI for Chrome theme store

The AI ​​upgrade in the Chrome Theme Store allows users to select an image, style, and color and based on these settings, Chrome automatically generates a browser theme.

This upgrade uses the same text-to-image conversion model as Android’s generative wallpapers.

‘Help me write’ feature

Google will roll out the Help Me Write feature to all websites next month. Users can then right-click on a text field and select the function.

The AI ​​generates an initial draft for users and suggests it can be used to write reviews, emails, or party RSVPs.

This web-scale AI integration makes Chrome a powerful platform for Google to integrate its Gemini model, Bard Assistant, and other AI tools, making it a promising future for Navigator.

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According to Google’s blog, the company wants to improve the AI ​​capabilities of its search engine to help users not only find more content, but also interact with and create it, as evidenced by features like Chrome Article Summary, and expects more in the future.

Google is lagging in AI integration, with Microsoft and smaller players like Arc and Opera already integrating AI features into Edge.

Google has announced new Chrome features, including the integration of the Gemini template for faster browsing. While there’s no Bard sidebar yet, AI could soon be integrated into every tab.

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