Sindh Goes Digital: Introducing e-Pay for Seamless Government Service Access

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KARACHI: Acting Law Minister (Retd) Maqbool Baqar launched Sindh’s much-awaited digital initiative aimed at providing simpler and faster government services to citizens.

“The provincial government has created a single digital platform for all citizens to minimize human interactions,” the provincial chief said in his speech at the opening ceremony of five transformative e-services: the E-Services Sindh Mobile App, E-Registration, E-Services. Mutation, e-Pay Sindh, and the Industrial Area Management System (IEMS) on Wednesday.

“This will also ensure transparency, accountability of departments, and processing of all cases within seven working days, which is a step towards transitioning from manual mode to e-governance in the form of e-Services Sindh and e-Pay Sindh,” he said. added.

“Through the e-Pay Sindh digital payment service, citizens can securely and conveniently make payments for government services through their mobile devices, mobile banking apps, credit cards, debit cards, ATMs, and their banks.

The opening ceremony of e-Services Sindh took place at a local hotel, where the Chief Minister launched it by pressing a button on the computer.

The CM said that this revolutionary initiative would revolutionize the way citizens interact with the Sindh government.

Five transformative e-services:

1. e-Services Sindh Mobile App

Currently, two departments of the tax authorities have introduced it, but gradually all departments will adopt it.

The Sindh Cabinet last Monday approved the incorporation of its legal framework into the Sindh Electronic Services Business Rules and E-Pay Sindh through an amendment to the Secretariat Instructions 2014.

2. e-Registration for “Registered Sale Deeds”

A service that allows citizens to register their deeds of sale through online applications, payments, and appointments for biometric verification and registration with sub-registrars. This saves them the need to go to a government office and wait in long lines or problematic manual systems.

3. e-Mutation

This is a service that allows citizens to easily change their property rights online and directly upon registration via electronic registration. It is automatically updated online and is accessible to the general public online.

This saves you time and money and also ensures that the land registry data is accurate and up-to-date.

Last Monday, the provincial cabinet instructed the tax authorities to digitally rewrite the task list within six months.

This digitally rewritten rights folder will be integrated into the e-registration and e-mutation databases. Over the next six months, municipal research data from across the province will also be digitized and integrated into this database.

4. e-Pay Sindh

A service that allows citizens to make all payments to the Sindh government through an online digital channel. This will make it increasingly easier for people to pay their taxes, duties, and other costs.

5. Industrial Estate Management System (IEMS)

There is the Industrial Area Management System for SITE Limited and Small Industrial Areas of Sindh, a service that will provide a centralized platform for managing industrial areas in Sindh, according to an official release.

‘e-Services Sindh, a game-changer’

The five e-services launched by the provincial government are just the beginning of our journey towards a fully digital government, Justice Baqar said, adding that his government is committed to providing citizens with easy, convenient, and transparent access to government services.

The Prime Minister appreciated the entire BoR team of dedicated professionals who have worked tirelessly to develop these e-services.

CM Baqar said that Sindh e-services would be a game changer for the people of Sindh by making government services more accessible, efficient, and transparent. He added that the Sindh e-service would also help promote economic growth and development.

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The e-Services Sindh app and other integrated digital components provide online access to a wide range of services, including:

  • Residence certificates
  • Transfer of registration rights
  • Electronic registration
  • Issuance of a certificate of inheritance
  • Agricultural booklet
  • Delimitation and measurement of land
  • Issuance of an AC for the sale of land
  • Issuance of NOC for industrial properties in SITE and Sindh Small Industries Corporation areas—and for various uses.

Online complaints

In addition to these services, the application also offers citizens the opportunity to file complaints against any branch of the Tax Authorities. This position ensures transparency and accountability in the delivery of government services.

To ensure efficient service delivery, the BoR has introduced a strict seven-day processing time for all applications submitted through the e-Services Sindh app and web portal. Moreover, Pakistan Post delivers processed documents to citizens within 24 hours of issuance.

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